JomRun AR Medal

A Mobile Game Based on the Traditional Hand-tapped Tattoos of Sarawakian Tribes


Ano: Journeys Through Tattoos is a mobile game equipped with AR (Augmented Reality) inspired by the artform and culture of Sarawak's traditional hand-tapped tattoos. Users can play the game - meant to educate people on the culture, and collect virtual tattoos as rewards. These tattoos can be viewed on the users arm in AR, in hopes that it will enhance their gaming experience. Ano used to be a final year project, then became the starting point of our beloved studio.

We're very proud to announce that the game was awarded SEA Best Student Game at LEVEL UP KL 2019, Malaysia's largest gaming festival that welcomes game developers and game enthusiasts alike from all over South East Asia. The game was also among the top 4 nominees for Best Visual Arts Award.